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Please check out my donor video! It’s really awesome… like really. Special thanks to my friends and official “life photographers” Megan Cody and Lauren Vitiello!

A new PR of 4.45 (14’7.25) at the Sycamore Pole Vault Open!!!


Click the video to watch as I clear 4.35m (14’3″) at the Vault in the Ville Street Vault Competition! BEST MEET EVER!

This video is from last year- fellow vaulter Jeff Coover and I hitting some big clean marks!


This is from May 2011. This jump tied the Big Ten Record… 4.36m.

The 2012 National Pole Vault Summit was a blast. Here is my debut video: the one minute challenge.


2008 Faces of the Big Ten video. My family and friends still give me crap for the last line, and kindly switch it from “Big Life, Big Stage, Big Ten” to “Big Life, Big Stage, Big Turd.” Thanks guys.




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  1. You make me want to do squats! I am proud to know you. You are in my prayers. LOL

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